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The Custom Industrial Ductwork Fabrication Process

POSTED ON November 17th  - POSTED IN Pollution Control
Custom industrial ductwork is typically used to convey air or gas carrying particulate through an industrial facility. Often, this fluid travels through the ductwork at high temperatures. Applications include dust collection, HVAC, and fume extraction in facilities such as feed mills, sand [...]

How Heavy Ductwork Is Custom Fabricated

POSTED ON March 30th  - POSTED IN Pollution Control
At some point, you’ve probably wondered where the heavy metal ductwork that wraps around industrial facilities is fabricated. Whether it’s meant for boiler air handling or HVAC applications, it certainly doesn’t come off the shelf. Every plant has its own heavy ductwork fabrication [...]

Heavy & Custom Metal Ductwork Fabrication

POSTED ON November 11th  - POSTED IN Pollution Control
Metal ducts at industrial facilities come in all shapes and sizes but they can be divided into two main types. On the one hand, there are the massive ducts that complement processing equipment. These ducts work to provide boilers with air so they can fire and also remove gases and particulates [...]
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