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At Southern Metal Fabricators, we love working with happy repeat customers! This project included a newly fabricated foundry steel ladle, along with a few other items and maintenance repairs. The foundry steel ladle is made of durable carbon steel and was completed within two weeks from the initial order! Beyond custom fabrication, we offer repair plates and rings for foundry ladles just like this one.

Technical Data
Project Description Foundry Ladle Repair
Processes Used Saw; CNC; Shear Cut
Equipment Used Not Applicable
Part Dimensions Varies for each job requested
Materials Used Carbon Steel
Finishes Bare
Quality Control Not applicable
Timeline 2 Weeks from Order to Delivery
Delivery Location Not applicable
Standards Not applicable
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Material Handling

Steel Ladle being Fabricated


  • Sizes – sizes and capacities to meet any application
  • Materials – carbon steel, Cor-Ten steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Construction – welded and bolted

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