Made in the South

Established in 1991 as a two-man shop serving maintenance and light fabrication needs of local industry, Southern Metal Fabricators has become an aggressively growing custom metal fabrication company.

Vision driven, Southern Metal Fabricators continually seeks qualified employees, invests in increased capabilities, and actively pursues broader markets. Our goal is to meet or exceed your requirements with respect to quality, budget, and delivery.

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Picture of Charles Bailey Charles Bailey General Manager

Our owner, Charles, has been with SMF since its beginning in 1991. He acts a council member for the city of Albertville, Alabama, overseeing the Police Department, the Fire Department, and Information Technology

Department Managers

Picture of Ashton Bailey Ashton Bailey Sales Manager
Picture of Kelly Tarvin Kelly Tarvin Engineering Manager
Picture of David Tarvin David Tarvin Purchasing Manager
Picture of Whitton Bailey Whitton Bailey Operations Manager
Picture of Danny Murray Danny Murray Quality Assurance Manager


Picture of Teresa Hammett Teresa Hammett Administration Manager
Picture of Sandra Campbell Sandra Campbell Administration Assistant

Our Standards and Certifications

Working with technical inspectors from Intertek and World Testing, we have created a robust Welding Procedure Specification and set of shop procedures.

Logo for Canadian Welding Bureau
Canadian Welding Bureau

We are officially registered with the Canadian Welding Bureau and follow the rigorous W47.1 and W59 CSA welding standards.

Logo for The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Our WPS conforms to ASME Section 9 and we are certified to fabricate custom steel tanks according to the API-650 standard.

American Welding Society logo
American Welding Society

Our welder certifications meet the American Welding Society AWS D1.1 (carbon steel), AWS D1.2 (aluminum), and AWS D1.6 (stainless steel) standards.

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