Structural steel fabrication is the framework of our daily lives, from agriculture hoppers and silos to petroleum tank-access ladders and stairs to utility water towers and tanks. Southern Metal Fabricators has spent more than 32 years fabricating steel structures and their essential support systems and components.

Plus, we’ve invested in a fleet of industry-leading automation for materials processing in order to serve as your off-site structural processing center. Below are just a few of our custom, structural steel fabrication and processing capabilities.

Structural Steel Fabrication Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to fabricate structural steel and other metal components exactly to specifications, including our 100,000-square-foot high-bay production building with 2-ton, 3-ton and 10-ton overhead cranes. Outside, there are five acres of lay-down yard and a 35-ton mobile gantry.

Just a few of our capabilities for structural steel fabrication include:

  • Beam line of configurable chain-driven roller beds
    Feeds two saws that can go through just about any steel material,
    then carries cut pieces to punching and welding stations if needed,
    and on to offloading for finishing and test assemblies.
  • Heavy-duty structural support
    We fabricate with metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel,
    aluminum or galvanized structural steel components required to
    support heavy-duty steel platforms.
  • Steel structure finishing booths
    Our finishing booths are ideally equipped for prepping and painting
    steel fabrications of nearly any shape and size.

Structural Steel Fabrication & Support for Industrial or Commercial

Our portfolio of steel fabrication services includes a variety of steel support structures, with “intermediate” levels that integrate other components such as stairs, bins, hoppers, chutes, silos and stacks.

Examples of our steel structural support work include:

  • Steel supports for Express Oil in North Carolina
    When you drive over “the pit” to have your car serviced, a framework
    of structural steel now supports your vehicle.
  • Holding and transfer bins for Southern Machinery in Tennessee
    We fabricated custom bins with bracing and support structures so that
    the bins could take the pounding of heavy building materials such as
    crushed stone and gravel.
  • Structural fabrication for ThyssenKrupp steel manufacturing in Alabama
    We fabricated custom bins, chutes and storage silos with extensive
    custom structural support that we test-assembled and shipped for

Structural Steel Fabrication Powered by Processing Automation

When you need fast, quality material processing solutions, we can serve as your full-service structural steel fabrication center, combining our 3-plus decades of experience with our fleet of structural processing automation.