Almost any industrial facility that uses specialized production or storage processes requires a set of custom industrial stairs. Such equipment must meet strict industry regulations while also conforming to any unique on-site facility features.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements affect the height of railings and handrails, the height and width of risers and treads, and more. Spiral staircases are particularly complicated to produce in accordance with regulations because you must take both vertical and horizontal dimensions and curvature into account.

We have decades of experience fabricating industrial stairs to provide cost savings and eliminate potential safety hazards for our customers. We can fabricate free-standing industrial spiral stairs that conform to both industry requirements and customer needs, making equipment non-compliance a non-issue. When fabricating steel tanks or other bulk storage solutions, we can also provide wrap-around spiral stairs to be fully compliant with industry-specific regulations and OSHA guidelines. Please note that we only provide wrap-around stairs when fabricating the associated tank or our field crew is installing the stairs.

While OSHA rules offer some flexibility in certain cases, by correctly measuring and calculating your industrial stairs at the beginning of the fabrication process, you can avoid costly mistakes down the line. During the design phase of your project, Southern Metal Fabricators will help you calculate the exact industrial stair dimensions to achieve OSHA compliance. If you have a concept drawing on a napkin and the rough measurements, we can get your project started on engineering sketches.

After getting your approval on shop drawings, we’ll expertly cut and form the metal for your industrial stairs using our top-notch fabrication capabilities, which include two angle rollers — perfect for bending metal on a curve for fabricated projects such as spiral industrial stairs. Of course, we assemble each set of industrial stairs and run them through our rigorous quality control tests to ensure any potential issues are taken care of before a product ships to your facility.

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