Generally used in strip mining operations, conveyor bridges remove waste (known as overburden) from mines and transport it out to the spoil bank via an elevated track. Because conveyor bridges must remain outside and weather the elements, fabrication and finishing have to be done correctly if they are to produce a durable and reliable piece of equipment.

Each mine is different, and custom fabricating a conveyor bridge ensures that it will exactly match the layout and dimensions of both your mine and your mining equipment. We’ll work with your team to decide on the best design for your needs, including measurements, materials, and finishes. If needed, we’ll also bring in professional engineers to make sure everything is done right from the beginning.

After securing client approval on the engineering designs, we’ll move forward on cutting and forming the trusses using our top-of-the-line plate shears and plasma cutting tables. Hot-dip galvanization, usually added after an assembly is finished, is a popular choice for conveyor bridges, since it helps prevent any rust that can result from exposure to the elements. However, we also offer custom painting applications courtesy of our in-house finishing operation.

Of course, each conveyor bridge goes through our rigorous quality control check before it ships.

But Southern Metal Fabricators’ meticulous process doesn’t mean we move slowly: For one client, we created 20 conveyor belt trusses in just three months, from initial contact to final delivery.

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