Our Metal Forming Equipment

Mechanical and CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes
4 machines — capacities to 12′ x 400 tons

Plate Rolling
3 machines — capacities to 1/2″ x 10′

Angle Rolling
2 machines — capacities to 15″ x 5″ x 5/8″

Beam Punches
50-ton hydraulic, web and flange beam punches

CNC Punching
30-ton Strippit Punch Press

3 multi-function machines for metal forming and punching — capacities to 1″ and 100 tons

We have an array of state-of-the art industrial machines that can bend, shape, punch and form metal to meet the vast majority of custom metal fabrication demands, with degrees of consistency and repeatability suitable for mass production of parts and products.


We use both mechanical and CNC hydraulic press brakes to bend metal plates up to 12’ long to any angle. With four machines in our facility, our largest press brake is a 400-ton monster that can take on 3/4″ steel plate while our ten-tonner handles more delicate projects.

Plate & Angle Rolling

We have three roller machines for rolling plates up to 10’ long, including a huge one housed in the floor of our shop, which we call the “big dog.” It can take on 5/8” steel plate, rolling it into smooth cylinders for projects such as bulk oil tanks and round ductwork. We’ve also got two angle rollers that we use to bend angled metal on a curve — say, for example, if we’re working on a set of industrial spiral stairs.


For heavy steel punching, we’ve got two 50-ton hydraulic web and flange beam punches. But when we need to be more exact, we’ll use the CNC 30-ton Strippit punch press we have in our bay.

Other Metal Forming Capabilities

We also use three multi-function Ironworkers to help manage all the shearing, punching, and bending work that comes through our shop. When needed, we also use them to notch metal.

We’ve pretty much got everything you’d need to form metal, whether your custom metal fabrication project requires bending, rolling, or punching thick carbon-steel plate or copper filigree. Whatever your metal forming needs, contact us or call us at 1-800-989-1330. Give us a chance to say, “Yes, we can do that!”

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