Your business carefully stores industrial materials in custom bulk storage units — so why wouldn’t you give the same level of attention to transporting those very materials? Whether you’re moving automotive parts, mining byproducts, or feed and grain, such items often require material handling solutions such as carts, totes, bridges, and ladles.

If your business needs to transport any specialized materials or products from one location to another — whether that’s within the same facility or between plants — material handling equipment is a critical link in the supply chain. Since each facility and process has its own requirements, your material handling solutions should be equally customized, which can be achieved by working with an experienced custom metal fabrication partner such as Southern Metal Fabricators.

The design of custom material handling products is crucial because even the smallest detail can affect plant efficiency and safety. At Southern Metal Fabricators, we’ll work with you to determine the exact measurements and specifications for each material handling project. From industrial totes and bumper carts to conveyer belts and foundry ladles, our expert engineers will design custom plans that perfectly suit the needs of your plant and processes.

After confirming the designs and measurements, we cut and form the metal in our state-of-the-art facility using CNC high-definition plasma cutting tables and a host of other equipment. We can also apply custom paints in our finishing shop, guaranteeing quick turnaround times and rigorous quality oversight. Once your material handling equipment is finished, we assemble it and our quality control experts double-check the welds and other specifications. Given the smaller size of material handling equipment (as opposed to other fabrication projects), it’s usually not a problem to ship them to our clients fully assembled.

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