Southern Metal Fabricators is a full-service, design-to-delivery manufacturer of nearly all things metal, from detailed decorations to giant construction steel. With six acres of laydown yard, 130,000 square feet of high-bay building, and 4 overhead cranes to 10-tons and a Gantry Crane at 35 tons, we can take on the toughest jobs and move them through fast and efficiently.

Our guiding philosophy has been: “Tool up to handle any custom metal fabrication job, start to finish, right here on the premises.” To that end, we’ve assembled a powerful lineup of machines and capabilities that can take on almost any metal challenge, and a staff of top-flight professionals who make it happen. Our under-one-roof custom metal fabrication facilities, plus an in-house quality inspector overseeing every step of every project, mean tight control over quality and costs that multi-vendor approaches simply can’t match.



We read and work from any standard engineering drawings or plans, but also provide industrial design services, including AutoCad, MTC Shape Cutting, and Pro Nest software capabilities.

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If it’s metal, we can cut it to almost any size or shape imaginable, from delicate sheets of copper used for decorative trim to the I-beams used in heavy construction.

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We have state-of-the art industrial machines that can bend, shape, punch and form metal to meet the vast majority of custom metal fabrication demands with degrees of consistency and repeatability suitable for mass production.

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Whether a custom metal fabrication project requires industrial welding, fasteners, or a combination of both, we have in-house capabilities to put metal of any size together and ship products assembled to the fullest extent possible so they are easy to install upon receipt. We also include welding certifications when requested.

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When a custom metal fabrication project requires a finishing coat such as hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating, or simply priming and painting, we have the capabilities to take care of it. All metal that comes through our facility is carefully prepped before finishing.

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If your project requires both fabrication and field installation, we have the capabilities to tackle many types of fab-and-install projects, such as industrial stairs and platforms or bulk storage bins.

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