Pollution control equipment needs to be both precise and built to last. And no products meet these needs better than cyclones, heavy ductwork, and dust collectors made by an experienced custom metal fabricator like SMF.

Each piece of pollution control equipment we create is custom fabricated to fit the specific needs of our customers. Our detailing department carefully works with your process engineers to ensure that our shop drawings will result in components that meet all functional and regulatory requirements.

In the shop, we ensure durability by using the best thick steel plate and cutting, forming, and welding it according to strict industry best practices, including ASME, AWS, and CWS welding standards, as required. High-quality in-house finishing and multiple layers of quality inspection ensure that our pollution control equipment will stand up to any test in the field.

Our years of experience with various types of industrial pollution control equipment, our well-organized nearly 100,000-square-foot shop, and our state-of-the-art finishing system guarantee that every pollution control equipment project we undertake will be delivered on time and on budget. Whether you need a part, sub-assembly, assembly, or complete dust collection system, our custom fabricated pollution control equipment will help you expedite your facility construction project and allow everyone to breathe a little easier.

Learn more about the types of pollution control equipment we specialize in by following the links below or contact us today to discuss your pollution control project.

Pollution Control Equipment We Specialize in