At Southern Metal Fabricators, we provide end-to-end solutions for heavy ductwork fabrication. We’ll take a project from an engineering drawing — even something sketched out on the back of a napkin — and deliver finished heavy ductwork parts, sub-assemblies, and/or assemblies wherever you need them to go. Our heavy ductwork fabrication capabilities include detailing, laser and plasma cutting, metal forming, welding and assembly, finishing, rigorous quality control, and specialized shipping for oversized heavy ducts.

With decades of experience in heavy steel ductwork fabrication and a commitment to getting it right for our customers, we’ve developed expertise and processes designed to address some of the trickier areas that can often derail heavy ductwork projects, such as:

  • Tolerances — we make sure all parts fit together tightly; no exceptions
  • Weld quality — we abide by ASME, AWS, and CWS welding standards, as required, and always accommodate customer-designated outside inspectors
  • Insulation — we install linings for heat and abrasion resistance in house
  • Finishing — we apply high-temp finishes and dry them quickly using our on-site booth

Before we ship any heavy ductwork fabrication project, we do a trial assembly and document the results. Once our customers sign off, ductwork parts, subassemblies, and/or assemblies are welded to the fullest extent possible before transport.

Ready to discuss your heavy ductwork fabrication needs? Give us a chance to say, “Yes, we can do that!” by contacting us today.

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