If you need an industrial staircase or ladder for your facility, there’s a good chance you’ll also need an industrial platform to accompany it. Once a set of stairs exceeds a certain height, regulations mandate that rest platforms be incorporated at specified intervals. Platforms are also required to bridge the divide when two or more fixed ladders are used in succession.

Industrial platforms give workers a chance to rest and get their footing, reducing risk of injury and increasing overall plant safety. In addition to breaking up long flights of industrial stairs or connecting multiple ladders together, platforms may also be used as a landing to help change the direction of a staircase, or at the bottom or top of an industrial staircase.

The experts at Southern Metal Fabricators will advise you on the best material for an industrial platform based on your facility, budget, appearance, and durability. We’ll then double-check all the calculations to ensure all the components fit with each other, as well as meet OSHA regulations.

Once fabricated, we can finish any metal platform through powder coating or painting in our advanced spray booth, and we also offer hot-dip galvanizing.

Finally, we assemble the platforms (and the accompanying staircases or ladders) at our facility and have our experts meticulously review the final product for any defects. If your plant is located in the Southeast, we can also provide on-site installation for a end-to-end fabrication solution.

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