Depending on your plant’s specifications and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, your facility will likely require some kind of industrial access equipment.

For example, you might need an industrial staircase to connect different floors of your building while withstanding heavy foot traffic, or a caged ladder to help your workers easily access a tank or silo. For bulk storage fabrication, there is a lot of demand from our customers for wrap-around and free-standing spiral stairs to keep the plant running smoothly, meet OSHA requirements, and improve efficiencies and outcomes. We can fabricate both the storage tank and wrap-around staircase as a package. If the storage tank is currently in use, our team can fabricate a free-standing staircase option. Please note that we only provide wrap-around stairs when fabricating the associated tank.

Whether an established facility layout or to complement existing bulk storage units, Southern Metal Fabricators brings over 30 years of experience to fabricating industrial access equipment and have created hundreds of stairs, platforms, and ladders over the years, both as a la carte orders and as part of larger projects, to provide cost savings and eliminate potential safety hazards.

Whatever your situation, we start with engineering drawings and then efficiently transform them into shop drawings. It can be tricky to calculate the OSHA-compliant dimensions of certain pieces of industrial access equipment, such as spiral staircases, but thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we know how to meet your facility’s exact specifications and OSHA regulations simultaneously.

After confirming shop drawings with you, we use our state-of-the-art production facility to fabricate your industrial access equipment order. We then assemble the equipment as completely as possible on site and test it to make sure it meet our high quality standards. Given the relatively small size of most industrial access orders, we can often ship the items fully assembled.

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