Handling, transporting, and pouring molten metals requires special consideration, most importantly a refractory lining that protects a foundry steel ladle from melting along with its contents. Many different types of foundry steel ladles are available, including casting ladles, transfer ladles, and treatment ladles. Since each ladle and process is unique to the foundry in question, your design should be equally customized, too.

Whatever your foundry’s configuration, we’ll work with you to ensure that your steel ladle works perfectly with your overhead crane or monorail system. Our designers can start with any files — MTC Shape Cutting, ProNest, AutoCad, even hand-drawn plans — and transform them into a properly certified specification. Even if you already have a design you’re happy with, it’s important to find the right custom metal fabricator — one that understands your foundry’s needs and can use the drawings to deliver the project on time and in budget.

In addition, if you already have a foundry steel ladle that just needs to be repaired, we also offer repair plates and rings. In the past, we have both created and repaired steel foundry ladles for clients in as little as two weeks.

Once our experts have an approved design in hand, we’ll start work on cutting the metal using our advanced Computer Numeric Control (CNC) high-definition plasma machines, as well as production saws and plate shears. After the foundry steel ladle had been formed and welded together, we’ll carefully examine it for any any defects before it ships.

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