Bulk storage tanks and silos have almost endless applications in a variety of industries. They can be used to store corn, grain, livestock feed, chemicals, cement, sand, wood chips, lime, ash, water, oil, and many more materials — each with its own fabrication requirements.

At Southern Metal Fabricators, we often create custom accessories and specialty features for bulk storage tanks and silos to meet our client’s exact specifications. Of course, we fabricate the typical accessories, such as discharge chutes and skirted bottoms, but our capabilities hardly end there. For one client, we outfitted a maple syrup bulk storage tank with a integrated piping system that circulated hot water around the tank and kept the maple syrup warm and flowing.

We are also experts with nearly three decades of experience fabricating industrial access options for our customers that provide cost savings and eliminate potential safety hazards. For example, we can fabricate spiral stairs to keep the plant running smoothly, meets OSHA requirements, and improves efficiencies and outcomes.

The simplest way to transport a bulk storage tank or silo is to pre-assemble it at the fabrication site and ship it whole, although some silos and tanks are too large to ship in one piece. But no matter the size of your tank or silo, at Southern Metal Fabricators, we assemble them as completely as possible before they ship.

This approach lets us keep certain components together, which in turn expedites shipping and speeds up on-site assembly. More importantly, it also gives us a chance to ensure all the components fit and that there are no issues with our bulk storage tanks or silos before we ship them to our customers. At Southern Metal Fabricators, we take quality control very seriously and enjoy applying our decades of experience to new challenges.

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