This project was a self-contained storage silo designed to store powdered activated carbon for a dissolving system used to treat industrial wastewater. At 2,750 cubic feet, the tank measured 12’-0” in diameter and 48’-0” high. While the tank and its skirt were fabricated from carbon steel, all the customer-provided components installed by Southern Metal Fabricators were 316 stainless steel. After being inspected for quality, the final product was assembled to the fullest extent possible and shipped to Tennessee, where it was installed by the client.

Technical Data

Powdered Activated Carbon Self-Contained Storage Silo Self-Contained Storage Silo - 1x
Processes Used Saw; CNC; Shear Cut; Plate Rolling
Equipment Used Not Applicable
Part Dimensions 12’-0” diameter x 48’0” overall height
Materials Used A36 carbon steel plate, 316 stainless steel pipe, aluminum (ladders)
Finishes Sand Blasted; Painted; Insulated
Quality Control Inspected for quality during fabrication process, photographed, and documented
Timeline 8–10 weeks after receipt of approval drawings
Delivery Location State of Tennessee
Standards AWS D1.1