Tanks (Oxide Storage Tanks)

At Southern Metal Fabricators, we provide custom fabricated solutions for any industry, even chemical plant needs. This project included two oxide storage tanks and two target boxes for a chemical plant in Calvert, Alabama. Each tank was fabricated with various carbon steel components, featuring an epoxy/corrosion inhibitor finish and specialty linings. After being inspected for quality and documented, the final products were delivered on time.

Technical Data
Project Description Oxide Storage Tanks-2x
Processes Used Saw; cut ; CNC
Equipment Used Not Applicable
Part Dimensions 13’-0” diameter x 41’-0” overall height
Materials Used A36 carbon steel plate, angles, beams, pipe
Finishes Carboguard 893 SG (epoxy with corrosion inhibitor)
Quality Control Inspected for quality during fabrication process-problem areas tagged, photographed, and documented
Timeline Quoted by February 17, 2012; delivered by mid-July 2012
Delivery Location Calvert, AL
Standards Engineer stamped drawings; Engineering Specification for Painting; Standard General Engineering Specification for Engineered Products
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