Southern Metal Fabricators can create multiple hoppers to meet the size and type of your dry material storage needs. We frequently receive bulk storage project requests for ash hoppers, which store ash and waste from wood-burning plants until the materials are properly cooled off.

Our team has built and shipped hoppers in as little as a month to meet our client’s deadlines. We work with them to identify constraints and design the hopper accordingly. We build the unit using heavy-duty equipment that can manage thick carbon steel and stainless plate, such as large-bed laser and plasma cutters.

If requested, we give any hopper we create an appropriate protective finish and complete the final assembly to ready it for transport. Custom paint applications for both the interior and exterior of storage hoppers are available, which can help protect against plant conditions or meet plant color-coding standards.

We can fabricate custom hoppers for either indoor or outdoor use, and can incorporate viewing windows which allow you to visually monitor the levels of the contents and check for any potential problems.

Hoppers are also frequently used to hold materials in the food industry, such as storing bulk ingredients like flour or housing food waste like stripped chicken bones. Drawing on decades of metal fabrication experience, we ensure food storage hoppers are food-safe, extremely durable, and up to our rigorous quality control standards.

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