Custom Storage Bins in A36 Carbon Steel

No one produces quality custom industrial storage bins better than Southern Metal Fab! A client requested eight industrial A36 carbon steel bins with platforms and stairs to be fabricated in our shop and delivered to Chattanooga, Tennessee. During the early fabrication process, we addressed quality control issues of drilling holes versus punching holes in the structural members. Tapping our years of metal fabrication experience, a decision was made without delaying the fabrication process and the bins were delivered in prompt fashion.

Technical Data
Project Description Bins - 8x
Processes Used CNC Cutting
Equipment Used Not Applicable
Part Dimensions 18’-0” wide x 30’-6” tall
Materials Used A36 carbon steel channels, angle, plate
Finishes Carboguard 60
Quality Control Inspected for quality during fabrication process-problem areas tagged, photographed, and documented
Delivery Location Chattanooga, TN
Standards Not Applicable
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