How to Make Custom Material Handling Carts

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Custom material handling carts are important additions to any facility that needs to move specialized materials or products from one location to another. This includes manufacturing facilities throughout the supply chain — from fabricators that need a pipe cart or a panel cart to distributors that need stock picker trolleys.

Because your requirements will be unique to your facility and process, your design should be to be, too. Landing on the right design for your custom material handling carts can make a huge difference when it comes to plant efficiency, as well as worker wellbeing, since the right cart can make loading and unloading both fast and ergonomic.

Once you have a design you’re happy with, it’s imperative that you connect with the right custom metal fabricator. You’ll want to find a company that understands your needs and can work from engineering drawings to build your custom material handling carts on time and on budget.

At Southern Metal Fabricators, we’ve built thousands of custom material handling carts and totes for automotive manufacturing facilities, feed mills, and mining operations. Furthermore, we fully understand the benefits of a well-designed cart since we use some of our own custom material handling carts to move plate and assemblies around our shop every day.

Here’s a presentation we created to show how we approach fabricating custom material handling carts. We thought it might come in handy during your quest to develop the perfect cart for your facility.

**[Custom Fabricated Carts & Totes](// "Custom Fabricated Carts & Totes")** from **[Southern Metal Fabricators](//**
No doubt your custom material handling carts will have loads of details that are specific to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be “custom.” We hope, though, that this presentation gives you a sense of what to expect during the fabrication process so that you can find the right partner to realize your design and meet your exact specifications.

For more information about how custom material handling carts are fabricated, or to talk through the specifics of your particular material handling project, please call us 800-989-1330 or contact us through our website. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about custom material handling carts.