The Art of Custom Bulk Storage Tanks & Silos

posted on 4/18/2013 - posted in Bulk Storage

They stand like sentries along highways and back roads, in rail yards and shipyards, by factories and farmhouses, from coast to coast, from north to s...

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7 Accessories for Custom Bulk Storage Bins and Tanks

posted on 8/11/2014 - posted in Bulk Storage

If you produce or make use of bulk materials, you need storage. Bins are generally used to house solid materials ranging from feed and grain to ore, r...

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Metal Grades for Carbon Steel Tanks and Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

posted on 11/9/2021 - posted in Bulk Storage

Custom steel bulk storage tanks are, by definition, specified and built according to the particulars of their intended uses. This includes fabricating...

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Installing Steel Tanks Used for Bulk Storage

posted on 2/17/2016 - posted in Bulk Storage

Steel tanks are essential components for bulk storage, whether used for water, oil, livestock feed, or any number of other supplies. Having a ready re...

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Fabricating API-650-Compliant Bulk Oil Storage Tanks

posted on 5/26/2016 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Bulk Storage

First, the good news: There is a staggering number of options available for bulk oil storage tanks. Now, the bad news: there is a staggering number of...

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Common Uses for Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

posted on 7/5/2016 - posted in Bulk Storage

You see them dotting the landscape across the country, from little horizontal cylinders perched atop stands to massive vertical domes with reinforced ...

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When to Get Custom Fabricated Industrial Totes, Tanks, and Hoppers

posted on 8/29/2016 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Pollution Control , Bulk Storage , Material Handling

Any industrial enterprise involves moving and storing vast amounts of materials — whether manufacturing components, raw materials, pieces of equipment...

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Material Handling Equipment Expert Joins Southern Metal Fabricators’ Technical Sales Team

posted on 9/29/2016 - posted in Bulk Storage , Material Handling , News

Custom metal fabricator Southern Metal Fabricators, Inc. has appointed Al Strasburg, an expert in material handling equipment and field installations,...

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5 Uses for Metal Bulk Material Storage Silos

posted on 1/27/2017 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Bulk Storage

Over the years, bulk material storage silos made of metal have played an important role in the storage and conservation of key natural resources in bo...

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When to Choose Metal for Your Bulk Corn Silo

posted on 3/2/2017 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Bulk Storage

Bulk corn storage is typically accomplished by using some form of bulk corn silo. There are three traditional methods of construction for these types ...

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The 3 Main Types of Metal Silos

posted on 11/9/2021 - posted in Bulk Storage

Metal silos aren’t all built alike, especially when they are custom fabricated. But there are three main types of metal silos that are typically used ...

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Know Your Industrial Hopper: What to Consider Before Sourcing a Custom Metal Fabricator

posted on 6/20/2018 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Bulk Storage

While understanding the different types of industrial transfer and storage equipment available can help you choose the best industrial hopper for your application, there are other important considerations to vet before sourcing a bulk transfer project to a custom metal fabricator.

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Protect Feed & Grain Storage With Steel Detailing

posted on 1/23/2020 - posted in Bulk Storage

Learn about the steel detailing techniques that can help protect the integrity of your feed and grain storage from moisture and extreme climate changes.

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When Feed & Grain Silo Work Turns Dangerous: Addressing Safety With Custom Metal Fabrication

posted on 2/21/2020 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Bulk Storage

Working with feed and grain is not only messy, it’s dangerous. Custom metal fabrications can reduce safety risks associated with working in grain silos.

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Metal Fabrication 101: Custom Metal Finishing for Value-Added Bulk Storage

posted on 9/21/2020 - posted in Bulk Storage

Water is the agriculture industry’s best friend – and worst enemy. It is essential for growing crops and feeding livestock, yet it is also detrimental...

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posted on 10/22/2020 - posted in Bulk Storage

It only takes one welding mistake to weaken a critical component of an industrial staircase or bulk storage system. But a quality-controlled welding s...

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