3 Reasons Industrial Ducts, Chutes & Troughs Are Custom Jobs

posted on 7/25/2013 - posted in Pollution Control , Material Handling

The materials of industry and commerce have to move. Whether they are raw materials, building materials, agricultural materials, or industrial waste m...

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When to Get Custom Fabricated Industrial Totes, Tanks, and Hoppers

posted on 8/29/2016 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Pollution Control , Bulk Storage , Material Handling

Any industrial enterprise involves moving and storing vast amounts of materials — whether manufacturing components, raw materials, pieces of equipment...

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Material Handling Equipment Expert Joins Southern Metal Fabricators’ Technical Sales Team

posted on 9/29/2016 - posted in Bulk Storage , Material Handling , News

Custom metal fabricator Southern Metal Fabricators, Inc. has appointed Al Strasburg, an expert in material handling equipment and field installations,...

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How to Make Custom Material Handling Carts

posted on 12/18/2016 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Material Handling

Custom material handling carts are important additions to any facility that needs to move specialized materials or products from one location to anoth...

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Custom Material Handling Solutions Made Possible by Metal Fabrication

posted on 2/21/2018 - posted in Material Handling

Did you opt for off-the-shelf material handling equipment instead of developing custom material handling solutions? Your setup could be costing you more than you realize.

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Types of Material Handling Totes

posted on 3/6/2018 - posted in Material Handling

Let's take a closer look at the properties and benefits of material handling totes, as well as some of the key factors you should weigh when deciding between metal and plastic totes for your material handling purposes.

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Why Automotive Manufacturers Need Custom Material Handling Equipment

posted on 3/28/2018 - posted in Material Handling

Custom material handling equipment is a critical part of automobile manufacturing. Today, more attention than ever is being paid to creating systems and equipment that are safe, efficient, ergonomic, and easy to use.

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Best Practices for Fabricating Industrial Conveyor Bridges

posted on 11/15/2019 - posted in Material Handling

Choosing the right metal fabrication partner and following best practices is critical to conveyor bridge fabrication success.

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