Metal Grades for Carbon Steel Tanks and Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

posted on 11/9/2021 - posted in Bulk Storage

Custom steel bulk storage tanks are, by definition, specified and built according to the particulars of their intended uses. This includes fabricating...

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New OSHA Guidelines for Industrial Ductwork and Other Confined Spaces

posted on 10/12/2015 - posted in Pollution Control

Industrial workers often work in confined spaces, which include industrial ductwork, tanks, and hoppers. All of these spaces can be dangerous if they ...

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Southern Metal Fabricators Achieves CSA Welding Certification

posted on 5/19/2015 - posted in News

Alabama-based custom metal fabricator Southern Metal Fabricators, Inc. has been certified according to the updated Canadian Standards Association’s (C...

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How Heavy Ductwork Is Custom Fabricated

posted on 3/30/2015 - posted in Pollution Control

At some point, you’ve probably wondered where the heavy metal ductwork that wraps around industrial facilities is fabricated. Whether it’s meant for b...

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Why We Fabricate to Canadian Welding Standards

posted on 2/11/2015 - posted in Metal Fabrication

As Southerners, we’re not ashamed to admit we occasionally sip on Canadian rye whiskey when we’re not at work. We find the higher content of corn mash...

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