Material Handling Equipment Expert Joins Southern Metal Fabricators’ Technical Sales Team

posted on 9/29/2016 - posted in Bulk Storage , Material Handling , News

Custom metal fabricator Southern Metal Fabricators, Inc. has appointed Al Strasburg, an expert in material handling equipment and field installations,...

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When to Get Custom Fabricated Industrial Totes, Tanks, and Hoppers

posted on 8/29/2016 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Pollution Control , Bulk Storage , Material Handling

Any industrial enterprise involves moving and storing vast amounts of materials — whether manufacturing components, raw materials, pieces of equipment...

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Common Uses for Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

posted on 7/5/2016 - posted in Bulk Storage

You see them dotting the landscape across the country, from little horizontal cylinders perched atop stands to massive vertical domes with reinforced ...

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Why You Want to Work with a Local Metal Fabricator

posted on 6/21/2016 - posted in Metal Fabrication

The world is shrinking. Technology has created an increasingly global marketplace, one where you can buy that stylish coat from London, import that qu...

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Fabricating API-650-Compliant Bulk Oil Storage Tanks

posted on 5/26/2016 - posted in Metal Fabrication , Bulk Storage

First, the good news: There is a staggering number of options available for bulk oil storage tanks. Now, the bad news: there is a staggering number of...

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