Case Study: Custom Industrial Access Fabrication for Global Oil General Contractor

posted on 8/13/2019 - posted in Case Studies

A Texas-based general contractor who works with global oil companies sought a spiral staircase for roof access for two oil tanks, along with multiple entry points.

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Five OSHA Best Practices for Safety-First Metal Fabricators

posted on 6/26/2019 - posted in Fabrication Safety

If a metal fabricator applies safety best practices to protect their workforce, it’s a good indication they’re qualified to walk the OSHA fabrication talk.

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5 Steps to Fabrication Safety ROI

posted on 5/31/2019 - posted in Fabrication Safety

Following critical safety protocols during project fabrication is key to controlling production costs and creating higher quality results. Full-service metal fabricators understand the ROI of protecting their most important long-term assets: their employees.

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Case Study: Custom Storage Tank Fabrication for a Global Leader in Dry Solids Metering and Handling Technologies

posted on 4/23/2019 - posted in Case Studies

A leading global provider of dry solids handling and metering equipment sought out Southern Metal Fabricators for their in-house capabilities and expertise in taking a bulk storage tank project from design to delivery.

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Tools of the Trade: Fabrication Welding with Eyes Wide Open

posted on 3/15/2019 - posted in Metal Fabrication

It takes extensive training to master the high-powered tools needed to melt, heat, and mold a variety of materials that create the metal equipment and machinery that construct our nation’s bridges, highways, and buildings.

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